13 Animals Who Nailed the Weight Loss Game, and We Can’t Help but Be Inspired

Every transformation has a story behind it. Most of these pets were rescued from the streets, negligent owners or homes in poor condition. Let’s support the great work their human parents have done to make their lives better.

If you have any doubts about your pet’s extra weight, Bright Side encourages you to look through this obesity assessment test and talk to your vet.

1. Kato

Kato’s new owner adopted him when he was visibly overweight. The cat got used to eating a lot more than he needed. The size of his portions was brought back to normal over the course of a year, and we now can see the great result.

2. Dennis

In 2013 Brooke noticed her relative’s dachshund looked unhealthy and decided to take care of the dog herself. A strict diet, lots of exercise and love made a huge difference. Dennis the dog had to endure several surgeries to get rid of the excess skin, but the result was totally worth it.

3. Shiva

Shiva is a Norwegian Ridgeback who changed owners and was adopted by a really caring person at the age of 4. The progress that we see now took 10 months, and over that time, Shiva lost as much as 10 kg. Now she enjoys all the benefits of being fit and healthy.

4. Lola

Lola came to an animal rescue center in poor condition. Weighing 13 lbs for a chihuahua is definitely too much. She could bearly walk and suffered joint pain. With the help of a great foster parent, she lost half of her initial weight and now looks gorgeous.

5. Arbuckle

This dog was rescued off the street in November of 2017 and weighed about 116 lb. His remarkable transformation journey inspired different artists to create motivational pictures and little sculptures. In August he slimmed down to 85 lb, and this is only the beginning!

6. Salem

This homeless cat lived in the wild in Irvine, CA before he got rescued and met his new loving owner Jacky. Getting into shape took him a little more than a year. His progress will definitely grow even more since Jacky adopted a new cat, the perfect play partner.

7. Buddy

Buddy’s owner is an elderly person who was not able to provide enough daily exercise to his dog. Luckily, one of his neighbors volunteered to walk with Buddy. This stunning result was achieved after 6 months of daily walks. Buddy really enjoys it, and even started to run again.

8. Ryu

Ryu was a well-loved dog with an unhealthy diet. His owner admits, that he was fed with kibble and typical processed dog food, which apparently did not suit him well. So Ryu started to eat a balanced raw food diet. He immediately lost a few pounds and became as energetic as a pup!

9. Boss

Boss’s owner didn’t realize there was a problem until the vet’s diagnosis: the dog was 35 lb overweight. Jen, his owner, took it seriously, changed his diet, added more exercise to his daily routine and bought a special spiral feeding bowl. Now they are both really happy.

10. Hugo

Hugo the pug is still on his journey to weighing at least 9 kilos. However, he made remarkable progress since his adoption. For lunch, Hugo eats veggies and his owner makes sure to provide him with plenty of exercise daily.

11. Equestrian

This owner’s active lifestyle made this cute horse, Equestrian as fit as ever. It took him 1.5 years to get into good shape. Currently, Equestrian gets prizes for his perfect jumps.

12. Fraggle

Fraggle didn’t get along with kids at his first owner’s house, so he was thrown out. The new owner is really proud of his transformation: he went from 10 kilos (22 lb) to 7.5 kilos (16 lb). However, the owner suspects that in the second photo the cat is holding in his belly.

13. Obie

Obie the dachshund was heavily obese when he got to his new owner 6 years ago. This long journey was documented on Facebook by Nora. He has maintained a healthy weight for over 3 years and really enjoys his new body.

Let’s support these cute buddies and their owners with kind wishes! Share stories of your pets’ transformations in the comment section.

Preview photo credit mavagam99 / Reddit