18 Waiters and Bartenders Whose Sense of Humor Simply Rocks

A sense of humor is not subject to any laws and doesn’t depend on the occupation of a person. However, looking at the characters of our article, we can say that there are a plethora of people with a good sense of humor among those who work in the restaurant industry. They might tell a striking joke when serving a dish or leave a funny comment on a check or a glass.

1. " We were served pizza on hooks."

2. “Told my waitress I was feeling sick, she came back with this...”

3. When you ask the waiter to split the bill into equal parts:

4. Once a bartender, always a bartender.

5.“We had a great waiter last night.”

6. “My friend complained to our waiter that there wasn’t a lemon in his water...”

7. You know your bartender hates you when you get this.

8. “My favorite bartender thinks I don’t look serious drinking soda with mango, so he affixes these to my drinks.”

9. “I think my barista is trolling me.”

10. When you ask a bartender to fill a pot:

11. He spilled his drink everywhere, the waitress returned with this!

12. “I am a bartender and sometimes I just can’t stop.”

13. When you are a perfectionist to the core: the waiter added 1 cent to the bill to get $69.69.

14. When a your chef is feeling bored:

15. “While eating dinner the lady in front of us told the waiter that she was cold. This is what he brought...”

16. “My girlfriend is a bartender and she wore this today.”

17. The barista gave up with the second cup.

18. “My friend and I went outside the bar to breathe fresh air and left the waitresses my smartphone as a deposit. When we came back, we found this.”

Have you ever gotten a pleasant surprise or a funny joke from your bartender or waiter? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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