Pick a Letter and See What it Says About Your Personality

The way our eyes read and interpret things in our brains is remarkable, so much so that it’s hard to make a conscious connection between what we choose to see and what we understand it to mean. According to research, it takes 13 milliseconds for our brains to interpret what our eyes see and provide us with information. We are all different in many ways and understanding what our subconscious chooses to show us can say a lot about our personalities.

Here at Bright Side, we've created this simple quiz to help you understand the personality traits you might have and ones you aren't even aware of. Just take a look at the alphabet soup below, choose the first letter you see and read your result.

1. Letter A

If the letter you saw first is the letter A, then it means that you are an easy person to read. You don't like playing games and you like being straightforward. The people around you perceive you as very loyal and you live up to that potential.

You try to help others as much as you can and you try to show them the best version of yourself, because that's what you find inspiring. You don't take betrayal lightly, and if someone betrays you, you remove them from your life without a second thought. You try to build a good future for yourself because you don't know what the time ahead holds for you.

2. Letter O

If the letter you saw first is the letter O, then you're a problem solver. You know how to identify problems before they even arise and you can tackle them in a heartbeat with effective solutions. This quality of yours has earned you the respect and admiration of the people around you and this recognition makes you feel proud.

You're always a step ahead because you're not a fan of surprises. Even though you might like positive surprises, you prefer to know what's coming your way. You are determined and you effectively achieve the goals that you set because they're realistic.

3. Letter R

If the letter you saw first is the letter R, this means you are a perfectionist and very observant. You like details because you believe that the details are puzzles that help us create a perfect picture. And without the little details, everything seems incomplete or mediocre. You never put too little effort into something, and instead put in all your effort, even if it means you have to sacrifice sleep. You love organization so much that you incorporate it into every aspect of your life, even if it's time-consuming.

4. Letter S

If the letter you saw first is the letter S, this means you're a calm person. You don't like conflict or heated arguments. When situations like these arise, you prefer to quietly move on rather than engage in a confrontation. Sometimes you are misunderstood as being weak, but in reality, your strength is what keeps you calm and focused.

You're highly intelligent and you easily earn other people's respect because you don't let anyone intervene with your inner peace. You always hide your feelings and prefer to analyze your own problems because you believe they've come your way to be solved, not shared.

5. Letter T

If the letter you saw first is the letter T, then this means you are a natural born leader. You like discipline since it's associated with control. You have a positive outlook on life and your friends describe you as a very intelligent person. You try to keep the people around you positive, as well, because you feed off of positive energy.

You constantly feel inspired for your next project as ideas come pouring out of your head all the time. You try to control every aspect of your life in order to stay organized and sometimes you get slightly disappointed when you face obstacles.

6. Letter E

If you saw the letter E first, you're a very creative and artistic person. You have so much imagination that sometimes it's even hard to keep track of your own ideas. You like to feel things to their fullest extent and you embrace your emotions. You let your happiness consume you because you believe that that's the best way to appreciate joy in life.

You know how to express yourself artistically and it's one of the reasons you appreciate and create art. You have a gift of transmitting your feelings to the people around you which can be considered negative sometimes. However, people around you appreciate that a lot because they consider you to be extremely honest and they feel comfortable around you.

Which letter did you see first? Were the results accurate? Please let us know in the comments below.

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