Is this the world’s most unusual town hall?

Here at Bright Side we are of the firm opinion that architecture is both the highest form of art, and, when designed with sustainability in mind, the way forward for the future of our planet. This incredible building in Malaga, Spain, was designed by architect Juan Blazquez. It is as captivating to look at as it is environmentally friendly.

Take a look inside this municipal building for a sneak peek at the future of architecture in all its resplendent greenery.

From one side, it’s an impressive modern building with the wow factor.

From the other, things are starting to reach another level in the impressive architecture stakes.

But it is the side view that is truly mind blowing.

At either end of the building is a breathtaking wall of vegetation that blends into the surrounding area.

Here’s another angle of that magnificent wall of greenery, just so you can fully appreciate it.

Eco-friendly, low impact, sustainable — this building is certainly all those things. But what makes it even better is that it actually generates more energy than it needs to run.

The building’s unique curved shape reduces its energy footprint, whilst self-generating solar thermal energy provides heat.

That is quite the office breakroom. Be right back, just grabbing a coffee!

Lighting and air-conditioning have been chosen for optimum efficiency, and rainwater is collected and redistributed to reduce wastage.

Sustainability isn’t only about energy efficiency — every single material used in the creation of this building was carefully chosen to reduce its environmental impact.

We think the architect of this municipal building has well and truly proven that being green does not mean being boring.

Preview photo credit Jesus Granada