19 Photos That Prove a Short Haircut Can Transform You in a Jiffy

If you want to change something, you don’t have to change your whole life. Sometimes you just need to modify your look. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to visit a hairdresser and get a new haircut.

Bright Side hopes these 19 people who got rid of long hair and changed their look drastically will inspire you.

19. “I chopped it all off.”

18. “Turned 30. Feels like a new era in my life, so I needed new hair! Asked my stylist to chop it all off. Still not used to seeing myself in the mirror!”

17. “Did a big chop today to get my own hair color back. I was a bit scared to do it since I’ve never had my hair this short, but I’m not even mad.”

16. “Finally bit the bullet and got a pixie!”

15. “Turns out my hair type isn’t just ’poufy’ after all.”

14. “I finally cut my hair after 19 years of long hair!”

13. “Finally cut my hair short again after growing it out for 2 years!”

12. “I’ve been dreaming of a pixie for years and finally jumped today! Ruby Rose was my inspiration. Love it!”

11. “I posted my short hair yesterday, and a few people asked for a before and after photo.”

10. “Thank you so much for the hair advice! Decided to go short and I’m loving it. Here’s my before and after photo!”

9. “My friend cut her long hair and put it in a jar.”

8. “Took me 3 chops, but I was finally brave enough to get it as short as I’ve always wanted.”

7. “It’s the shortest it’s ever been. Still getting used to it.”

6. “Before and after”

5. “My fiancée opted for a completely new look and she’s amazing!”

4. “Decided to go for the big chop and let go of my damaged hair!”

3.“A little bit of a haircut and some questions regarding hair care.”

2. “Opinions, please.”

1. “Posted my girlfriend here a few days ago and a lot of people requested a before and after pic! So here you go!”

Have you ever experimented this way? Share your experience please!

Preview photo credit BallisticBovine / reddit