20 Photos That Are Not As Simple As They Might Seem

Over 1 trillion photographs are taken every year, but only a few among them are truly mindblowing like clouds that take the shape of a pig or 2 strangers that happen to be wearing the exact same outfit. Whether it’s due to correct timing, quirks of nature, or mere coincidence, these photographs certainly demand a second look.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these 20 photos that prove not everything is what it seems at first sight.

1. This passenger found herself traveling alone on a flight.

2. They aren’t siblings. They’re strangers who met at a wedding wearing the same clothes.

3. A bee pooping mid-flight

4. We finally found Big Friendly Giant in the woods.

5. This chick has perfected the art of camouflage.

They are moss with legs! pic.twitter.com/bo4g7PzoQD

6. “Anubis wears Adidas, apparently.”

7. Something very creepy is going on here...

8. That’s not a levitating trash can.

9. The skeleton of the ancient giant snail has been discovered!

10. See-through cat

11. “Why was I sent a used product?”

12. Where’s her head?

13. That’s a seagull flying at the speed of jets.

14. When lightning strikes a rainbow

15. These houses have eyes.

16. My eyes are filled with excitement

17. These guys invited Chewbacca to their party.

18. When nature decides to have some fun...

19. An eclipse? No, that’s a basketball in front of the sun.

20. This uber driver’s hair curls to form the number “253”.

Which photograph puzzled you the most? Do you have photos like these in your album? Share them with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit shadybaby22 / Reddit, Steln / Reddit