15+ Genius Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles That Can Save the Planet and Your Day

Plastic bottles can lead to a lot of waste, so we must make sure to find ways to reuse them (especially when this can also make things more convenient for us). The plastic can be repurposed and made into a variety of things. There are even entire houses and schools made out of bottles. Your only limit is your imagination.

We at Bright Side love life hacks that also help the environment, so we’re sharing some ways you can give life to old bottles.

1. Add some extra “pockets” to your car. It’s especially good for holding umbrellas.

2. Use the caps to seal up plastic bags.

3. Old ketchup bottles can help you make perfect pancakes time and time again.

4. Make a car funnel using the top half.

5. “A frozen water bottle and a spray top — car AC went out and this has been a lifesaver.”

6. Declutter your life!

7. “Want accurate fridge temperatures? Stick a thermometer in a water bottle!”

8. “Need a simple dispensing solution for your dog waste bags? Cut a water bottle in half and mount it with command strips.”

9. “Use an empty plastic bottle to separate egg yolks. Just squeeze the bottle, place the opening on the yolk, and let suction do the work!”

10. “DIY a sponge holder for the sink with only a bottle, scissors, and staples.”

11. Make some pinwheels for your garden.

12. To save your bike from making a mess, use a bottle as an easy mudguard.

13. When kids want to put their ice cream cone down, hold it up in a bottle.

14. Give your garden the watering can it always needed.

15. Freeze some water bottles, let a fan blow off of it, and you have your very own air conditioner!

16. Make a pocket to hold your phone while it’s being charged... never leave it on the floor again.

17. Create a garden anywhere you want... even hanging in mid-air.

What are some other ideas you have to reuse or recycle old plastic bottles? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Cleverly / YouTube