25+ Photos About Clothing Troubles That All of Us Can Understand

Clothes can make us feel comfortable and confident, but they can also give us such a headache! Taking out that disgusting wet and dirty sock that got stuck in the washing machine door is certainly not the most pleasant thing we’ve had to deal with. And spending hours in a clothing store trying to find a size that will fit you can wear you down and literally make your head hurt!

We at Bright Side have to deal with these struggles too. Let’s see what else people find annoying about their clothing!

1. The story of our lives

2. “Trying to find a matching of pair socks from a laundry basket of clean clothes”

3. “Pulled my tights up and my finger went straight through.”

4. “White cat + black clothes”

5. “They went so far as to put real zippers on these fake pockets!”

6. “This pile of clean clothes”

7. “The clothes came plastic tied to the hanger. Without a hook, it’s useless when you get home.”

8. “When this happens to my clothes”

9. “My washer did this to my clothes.”

10. “Baby clothes must have 4,726,849 loss prevention tags attached to the most inconvenient places (like these ones that were on the armpits)”

11. “Finding these things in your new clothes!”

12. “As a female, ’thigh rub’ has destroyed far too many pants and leggings.”

13. “Getting home from the mall and noticing this on your clothes”

14. “A sock that gets stuck in the washing machine door every...single...time...”

15. “Having to share my closet with 2 siblings — none of these clothes are mine.”

16. “When new socks do this”

17. “When it takes longer to separate the clothes than it does to do the laundry”

18. This annoying thing

19. “My roommate who hangs clothes to dry like this”

20. “Identically sized jeans that are all actually completely different sizes”

21. “My clothes are so close to fitting in the dresser perfectly.”

22. “When dryers have vague options like this instead of a timer”

23. “These things that just stick to your clothes”

24. “People that put clothes back like this”

25. “When you buy a pair of shorts and realize that the drawstring is only for looks”

26. “When my husband puts his clothes ’on top’ of the empty hamper”

27. “My son’s pocket in a size youth large, and mine, a women’s size 13, holding phones with cases of the exact same size”

Did any of these situations hit home? What other things irritate you? Share your thoughts in the comments!