20 Adorable Cats We Fell in Love With Once and Forever

It’s hard to ignore the fact that cats can be temperamental. They always get what they want, think that people are their slaves, and some of them even do not like to be touched. But people love them, forgiving all their sins, and devoting their lives to them. According to this survey, the average cat owner also has 13 cat-related items. For example, 44% of owners have a framed photo of their cat, 43% own a cat stuffed animal, and 38%—a cat calendar.

Bright Side has found 20 photos proving that cats have their own charm. Warning: if you think you are a dog-person, this article might change your mind.

1. What is so interesting in there?


2. I have eaten your dinner!


3. And now, I won’t be able to do anything else, until I see if I can do that with my cat.


4. Weeeee are the chaaampiooons, my frieeend!


5. Here is a newly-discovered mewtonian substance.


6. My human has left no food for me. Time for discovery!


7. The winner of bleps


8. What do you mean by “there was no chicken at the store”?


9. I think I’ve got sore throat. Check it out. Ahhhhhhh.


10. We all have to pay for our decisions.


11. A real Cheshire cat was found.

12. Let’s not spoil the moment with words!

13. I looked and saw a pale horse and soon darkness overcame him.

You’re dead. pic.twitter.com/aZiZs1jKvI

14. I am not going to conform to your rules! You will open this door for me.


15. I’ve never been more comfortable.

16. Sometimes I like to play fast and loose with the rules.

17. It’s like sinks were made for cat napping!

18. Cat logic at its finest


19. You shall not pass!


20. Hi there! I just want to remind you that my bowl is still empty.

Do you still think that it’s impossible to love cats? Share your stories and photos of your meow friends with us in the comments!