12 Celebs Who Got Tired of Their Image and Decided to Change Beyond Recognition

Girls know that the easiest way to change their look is to dye their hair and change their haircut. Even those celebs who have already found their perfect image try to find a new style from time to time. Have a look at the people in this article and let us know whether you think the changes suit them or not.

2018 is almost over and Bright Side thinks that it’s time to recall all the celebrity transformations from this year.

Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson decided to leave her nude and natural makeup, and her favorite hair color, in 2017. Today, she’s a bright brunette.

Daisy Ridley


Daisy became popular after her role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In 2018, the actress surprised her fans with her decision to change her image, of a naughty teenager, to the image of a Hollywood lady from the 50s.

Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner is well-known as Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. Her character had gorgeous red hair, but the actress was probably tired of it, so she decided to go blonde.

Maisie Williams


Sophie Turner’s screen sister — Maisie Williams — also decided to make some changes in her life. We think it’s great: Game of Thrones is almost over and it’s time to find a new image.

Emilia Clarke


Meanwhile, Emilia didn’t want to betray her image of the mother of dragons and dyed her hair blonde. And instead of growing long hair, she decided to get a daring pixie haircut.

Jonah Hill


In 2017, Jonah Hill lost some weight and continued to experiment with his look. Recently, you may have seen the actor with bright pink hair, and now he’s blond.

Kanye West


This famous rapper and Kim Kardashian’s husband has decided to change beyond recognition. Otherwise, how could we explain that colorful confetti on his head?

Lucy Liu


We’ve never thought Lucy would ever be blonde. But let’s admit that this style makes her look younger.

Kylie Jenner


2018 was full of events for this actress: she gave birth to a baby, became the world’s highest-paid celebrity under 30 according to Forbes, introduced several collections of her own makeup brand, and even got rid of her lip fillers (though, after 3 months, she got them again). By the end of the year, she’s finally found her new style: plump lips, blonde hair, and a cropped haircut.

Zoë Kravitz


Zoë Kravitz, unlike other actors, decided to grow her natural hair back and stopped cutting it.

Salma Hayek


This bright woman impresses us every year and isn’t afraid of vivid and unusual hair colors.

Lady Gaga


In 2018, Lady Gaga became a true lady. We think it’s Bradly Cooper’s influence and their work on the set of A Star Is Born.

Whose image transformation is the most interesting?

Preview photo credit Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP / East News, Emilia_clarke / instagram