11 Military Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

Did you know that the US army is actually older than the country itself? Originating from the Continental army, it once had George Washington as one of its leaders. And it makes sense that such an established institution would have some great tricks up its sleeve.

We at Bright Side believe that people who serve their country should be thanked, but also looked up to in terms of lifehacks — and here’s a list of the best ones we’ve gotten to know so far.

1. Not just saving water


Urinating in the shower might be a controversial topic in some households, but according to medical community it prevents and cures athlete’s foot.

2. Duct taping your feet


Military shoes can be uncomfortable, so this hack was made to help avoid blisters, hot spots, etc. If you run long distances for long periods of time — you can do the same. Just put some duct tape over the areas on your feet that rub against the shoe the most. You can also put a Band-Aid underneath.

3. Tie the knot


For those big shoes to not untie for long periods of time or for the laces to not get off-center, tie some knots up along the laces — in the center — for it not to move, and closer to the ends if you want the bow to stay in place.

4. Maxi pad is maxi-aid


In a case of an emergency, you can use women’s maxi pads to prevent a person from bleeding out from a wound. Place a maxi pad over the wound and bind it down with duct tape. You can also put maxi pads in your shoes to make the soles warmer and absorb the sweat.

5. Powder up


Did you know that powdering wounds with sugar can prevent bacteria from multiplying? Bacteria can’t survive in a high sugar content, so you can cover the wound with sugar paste or plain sugar. Cover it up until more serious first aid can be administered.

6. Not just for running

Runners tights are not just for running and they are not just a fashion statement — you can put them under almost any pants without them being noticeable and they will keep you warm through really low temperatures.

7. Shine bright like a diamond


There is a very particular hack, when it comes to those shiny soldier shoes. You take a generous amount of shoe shine and apply it onto your shoes or boots and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then go over the covered spot with a lighter, a flame, or a heat gun and watch how it turns shiny. For a finishing touch use a clean, slightly wet cloth or rag and polish the surface.

8. Military tuck


Now, we wouldn’t recommend this on your wedding day, but if your shirt is slightly ill-fitted or if you have recently lost some weight and haven’t been able to buy new clothes — use the military fold-n-tuck technique to make the shirt appear to fit you better.

9. The fire starter


We’ve all bought those expensive fire starters for camping purposes or just to light up the barbeque. Save yourself some money by applying Vaseline to a cotton ball and use this as a feasible way to start a fire.

10. Lose the “tail”


If, under any circumstances, you think you are being followed while diving — make 4 consecutive turns in a row. If you still can see your follower, proceed to call 911 (US) or drive to the nearest police station right away.

11. The art of bedmaking


To make your bed look crisp and well-made be sure to use the military way. Fold the side part of your sheet and tuck it in. Then fold the footing part of the sheet, making a straight angle on the side and tuck it in as well. It will keep the sheet in place and look neat.

Which of those would you be willing to try out in your non-military life? Be sure to share in the comment section below!

Illustrated by Oleg Guta for BrightSide.me