25 Deep Photos About Respect for Nature That Can Make Us Proud of Humanity

Nature is so often disregarded, that sometimes it’s easy to lose faith in humanity. However, some people are giving it back to us by showing the utmost respect for the nature surrounding them. They go out of their way to maintain it, even in the most unusual situations.

Bright Side put together some examples of nature being treated as it should, that will actually make you proud of humanity.

1. Who said you can’t share a balcony with a huge tree?

2. Instead of seeing an obstacle, this person saw an essential part of the ecosystem.

3. When you get creative, there’s not a tree you can’t save.

4. “My neighbor trimmed their tree so the sidewalk can still be used.”

5. Silos can hold a range of different things and trees are no exception.

6. As a member of the family, this tree will never leaf your side.

7. Besides providing us with oxygen, trees are also great at blocking unwanted attention.

8. It’s not every day that you see a tree growing out of a gas station.

9. We give them space to grow, they give us air to breathe.

10. Does this house have a tree coming out of its roof or does this tree have a house coming out of its branches?

11. The mindful way to build a fence

12. A house and a tree getting cozy

13. “Cut down the tree? Nope! Build the wooden fence around it!”

14. Can you imagine passing by a giant tree on your way to your bedroom?


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15. “I’d happily take this ’root’ home just to have my faith in humanity renewed.”

16. The trees were there first, so we’re the ones who should adapt to them.

17. “A handrail in a nature preservation area”

18. In order to preserve it, the town of Pato Branco, Brazil, built a road around this Araucaria tree.

19. Wooden you enjoy seeing more buildings incorporating trees in their design?

20. The perfect supermarket has to sell everything you need, be not too far away from your house, and, of course, embrace trees.

21. A tree house that doesn’t actually disturb the tree


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22. Integrating trees in architecture is a simple way of giving life to dull buildings.

23. Who knew a convenience store could make such a beautiful gesture toward the environment?

24. The only visitor that’s welcome to use your front porch at any time of day

25. With people like this, the world may be heading in the right direction.

Would you like to see things like this in your own town? Or does it already happen where you live? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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