20 Times Chefs Wanted to Surprise Their Clients, but Something Went Wrong

Today, it’s quite hard to impress anyone with unusual foods but the way you serve them can still be quite shocking. However, some cafes and restaurants lose their sense of reality while trying to surprise their clients. Some people are so tired of this creativity that they’ve built a community called We Want Plates in protest.

Honestly, we at Bright Side have never seen furry plates or levitating cakes but if you have, please share your photos in the comments!

That’s one way to serve bread...

A meringue served on a magnetically levitating pillow

Why this?

Not only can we drink from bottles, but we can also eat from them.

“At least put something worthwhile in the bottle...”

People who did this...Why?

Yes, the plates are furry, it’s not your eyes, it’s a reality.

“My salad came in a colander so my vinegar fell straight through...”

“This is the most awful thing ever: broccoli impaled on a metal...thing?”

“I put fries in an enclosed bowl so they steam and get soggy,” said some crazy chef.

A pot of bread, of course!

“They heard our demand for plates!! I guess we should’ve been more specific about wanting the full plate though...”

This “statue head” from Astrid y Gaston in Lima, Peru

Doctor’s prescription

Bon appetit!

Soup in an expensive restaurant!

Capriole cheese with blueberries in dried clay on top of a bed of hay

“Someone I know got her food on some kind of bone.”

Someone is a huge fan of Lady Gaga.

“Apple dessert on an iPad? That’s ironic.”

We think that creative ideas should appear in this world, but some of these were just too much. Did you like any of them?

Preview photo credit Couldnt_think_of_a / reddit