17 Powerful Photos That Induce a Rush of Emotions

Sometimes, it seems that we’ve seen everything and it’s almost impossible to impress us or make us cry. But then we see photos that truly move us and we can’t help but think about them for a long time. The paws of a dog that has been abused, a student that died but still “showed up” to his graduation, and the look of people who don’t realize they’ll live together for half a century are all captured in photos that make us feel an instant rush of emotions.

Bright Side has found these truly stirring photos. Look at them just once and you won’t be left feeling indifferent.

1. Animal protectors managed to save 50 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea where they’re grown for food.

2. “My dad has been homeless and unemployed for the past several years. Recently, he got a job at a hospital and can now afford an apartment. Here he is in his new uniform trying to look tough. Things do get better.”

3. A student tried to attack one of the shooters at his school and gave his classmates a chance to survive. They took his photo to their graduation ceremony.

4. He fought cancer to see his newborn babies. He made it!

5. “I’m thankful for the volunteers who helped my grandma’s best friend’s dream come true.”

6. Over a million people in Hong Kong protesting while keeping recycling a priority!

7. A photographer noticed a duck that got stuck in some fishing net, took it home, treated it, and let it go free.

8. “I’m helping to clean the Ohio River territory. We’ve collected more than 18 tons of trash in just 1 week.”

9. Runner Betty Robinson got into a plane crash and was mistakenly pronounced dead. She spent 7 weeks in a coma and it took her 2 years to learn to walk again. 5 years later, she won a gold medal in the Olympic games.

10. “My mom and dad, 1955. This was taken at her house prior to their first date. They were married for 60 years.”

11. “I came to the shelter to pick up a different dog but someone had taken him already. And then I saw Englebert: his hind paws weren’t moving, his ears were frozen, and he only had 3 teeth. I thought, ’If I don’t pick him, nobody will.’ ”

12. The national Congo park manager is hugging a gorilla. He never leaves the animals despite the danger: poachers often kill park overseers.

13. A UFC champion made his fan’s dream come true. The fan has Down syndrome and wanted to fight the champion.

14. A 12-year-old boy makes bowties for dogs in shelters to make them look better in photos so that people can adopt them faster.

15. “I went to the store and I unexpectedly met Tom Hardy there. He ended up paying for all my stuff and even carried it to my home for me.”

16. “My brother had Down syndrome. He used to love to hold babies but it was rare that anyone would let him. My wife and I let him hold our baby today and this is how he looked when we gave her to him. He held her without moving for 5 minutes. I almost cried.”

17. A woman is always a woman.

Which photo moved you the most?

Preview photo credit Армен Енгоян / Facebook