20 Virtuosos Who Are Ready to Solve Problems 24/7

They say that creativity is what makes humans human, and it seems like people not only have this feature, but are constantly developing it. Every day we have to deal with so many problems. Solving them creatively makes our life more fun and easier, and some of the solutions are so cool, they just blow your mind.

Bright Side admires creativity, and we have collected some genius decisions to inspire you and make your day.

1. When a kid uses 100% of their brain:

2. There are always other options.

3. “I don’t like losing my chameleon.”

4. This mastiff was scared of the dark, but a flashlight attached to its head solved the problem.

5. How to keep all the old ladies from asking you to give up your seat:

6. “It’s icy in my city today.”

7. An anti-scratch cone costs $50? I have a better idea:

8. When you’ve had a bad day, here comes the mind with its genius decisions.

9. “I FaceTimed my PlayStation so I could play in the bath.”

10. I see a problem, I solve the problem.

11. When you don’t have a minute to spare:

12. Who needs a country house when you have your apartment’s yard?

13. This is what practical people build instead of sand castles.

14. “My teacher put a picture of himself up on his door so it looks like he’s in his office.”

15. Not having a blender is not an issue when you were born to problem solve.

16. We all need to take note on this one.

17. This guy didn’t have any Christmas wrapping paper.

18. Time is money.

19. When it’s raining but you really need to dry your clothes:

20. Geniuses are among us.

My man here on this @SouthwestAir flight is living in the year 3019 and using a plastic baggie to hold his phone so he can watch it hands free.

I want to shadow this man all day and just learn. pic.twitter.com/yTHwdqxug3

Who do you think deserves the Virtuoso of 2019 award? What was the best solution you’ve ever come up with? Share your experience and photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit anlamsizfoto / twipu.com