17 heart-warming illustrations full of boundless love for our nearest and dearest

Family is both a great joy and an inexhaustible source of positive energy. Those closest to us accept us for who we are, and we know that we can always rely on them. Bright Side found 17 warm images that perfectly sum up our most tender feelings toward our families.

Family means...having the best cuddles

Many years of tradition

Walks through the forest on a sunny autumn day

...or on a frosty night, when you hold on to that warm, familiar hand

Family means a cheerful breakfast...

...full of the most captivating stories

It’s your favorite photo albums

And the most magical books read aloud

It means the enjoy of that first snow with your loved ones

Even the tiniest car doesn’t seem too small

Your family knows everything about everything and is ready to share it with you

With them, you can watch movies till late

Family means big picnics

A visit to the zoo with your family turns into a real adventure

But above all, the most important thing your family gives you is that boundless feeling of trust. Life wouldn’t be the same without it!